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A must for aircraft developers, a luxury for athletes

Home BY HENDRIK THIELEMANN   Whether the goal is to improve performance, fuel efficiency or comfort, wind tunnels are an indispensable tool for aircraft and ...
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Queen of the Alpine skies: The golden eagle

BY MATTHEW BEATTIE   Few birds have made such an indelible mark on European culture as the golden eagle. Symbolic of intelligence, courage, strength and immortality, she has featured on coats of arms and military insignia across the continent since before Roman times. Yet, less than a century ago, this queen of the skies was…

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“The simple is simply too simple”

BY HENDRIK THIELEMANN   “When it comes to teamwork, we’re one of the best in our industry,” says Robert Blob. 44 years of age, Robert heads up the MRO Bombardier Business Jet Center at RUAG Aviation in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany. He is in charge of the technical handling of all maintenance, repair and overhaul orders from…

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The art and craft of Lalique: A lustrous marriage of form and function

BY EVRA TAYLOR   The name Lalique evokes the brilliance of jewelry, the wonder of transparency and the luminescence of crystal. When René Lalique established his first Parisian workshop in 1885, little did he know that his inspired creations fashioned of crystal, enamel and exotic materials would one day grace aircraft interiors whose design features…

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Didier Wolff: Taking art to new heights

BY MATTHEW BEATTIE   Didier Wolff is an artist like no other. Rather than paint-splattered easels, you will find computers and three-dimensional models in his Strasbourg studio. His distinctive creations do not hang on any walls. The canvas for this multi-award-winning French artist is the three-dimensional sculpture of an aircraft and his gallery is the…

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A magical startup!

BY CHRISTINE ANNE BERGER   What is luxury travel? Some say it is about keeping your sanity. Some say it is about time. Some say it is about exceptional experiences. Some say it is about safety and productivity. Steve Jobs asked the Apple board of directors to provide him with a Gulfstream V private jet…

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Falcon 7X inspection intervals

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