Rachel Gisiger – Concept creation and publishing

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Creating new and exciting methods for connecting with customers and engaging in meaningful dialogue with them is what motivates Rachel Gisiger. In her strategic leadership position at RUAG MRO ­International, she continues to follow this passion, building upon her professional marketing degrees, and is a key driving force for marketing and communications across the company. Rachel serves in a ­pivotal position dedicated to serving the international Business ­Aviation community and is particularly proud of creating and ­publishing this magazine on their behalf.

Christine Anne Berger – Editor in chief, writer

“Telling someone’s story requires understanding the narrative from multiple perspectives.” Christine Anne has a Masters of Fine Arts from UTSA and a Masters of Education from UWS. Christine tells stories using a variety of communication techniques from visual images to the written word. When she isn’t directing and consulting, she spends time in her artist's studio and garden or goes hiking, while pondering new approaches, new questions and new challenges.

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Matthew Beattie – Writer

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Originally from Leeds, England, Matthew Beattie is a graduate of the Schule für Angewandte Linguistik in Zurich, where he studied journalism and languages. His articles have been published in the UK, the U.S.A. and in Europe. Matthew has spent much of his career in Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg. He now lives in the Yorkshire Dales, where he works as a freelance journalist and translator. When he isn’t writing or traveling, he enjoys cooking, hiking and choral singing.

Elisha Irshad – Writer

Elisha is an Interior designer and a writer from Pakistan with a Masters in interior design and home management. She believes in the power of a beautiful, well-designed environment that has profound impact on people’s lives. She is a style enthusiast who writes about design, decor and home improvement. Outside of design she is often found painting, exploring art and enjoying the food scene.

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Yardena Malka – Writer

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Working as a dedicated marketing and communications project manager in Lucerne, Switzerland, Yardena is also ­extremely passionate about writing. She has been authoring stories her entire life publishing essays at a young age in academic magazines. She pursued her love of writing and graduated from the Textakademie in Zurich. In private she collects her inspiration while hiking and climbing in the Swiss mountains and ­outdoors with her dog “Sunny” and horse “Avi”.

Evra Taylor – Writer

Evra Taylor is a Toronto-based journalist and copywriter whose love for writing is matched only by her passion for aviation. Over the past 15 years, she has covered a broad range of business sectors including aviation, technology, finance and healthcare. While Evra’s writing has garnered awards, what is most rewarding to her is the satisfaction of a job well done.

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Hendrik Thielemann – Writer

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Hendrik Thielemann studied communications and worked as a journalist for several years before he decided to move to the other side of the desk and became a corporate communications manager. From 2001 until 2016 he worked in the aerospace industry. At the beginning of 2017, he founded the Zurich-based communication agency E2C ( E2C focuses on corporate content and outsourced communications management, primarily in the aerospace and engineering sectors.